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We are associated with mero discount from starting. We are satisfied by their commitment toward the work. best of luck for better future.

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Mero Discount has always been a deal maker for me. It has enabled me to avail of discounts for all major brands. Keep it up guys.

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I really like this website. I get known to many new website and applications for shopping with good deals. But still its a good concept.

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It was a great experience with Mero Discount. This is the first ever which provides Nepal's best deal, offers & discount at nominal price.

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Providing awesome offers and Discounts

Seriously this website is super and awesome, this is very good platform get discount. also providing awesome offers. Hope for same expectations and experience ahead in coming many more years. We think this platform is one of the best and deals, offers and attractive discount in Nepal. Thank you.

Discount is Need

MDC is themed to add meaning to your living. With this innovative technological endeavor, we offer a one-stop solution to three key ‘life preferences’ for our users. Now, instead of loading your wallet with dozens of discount and royalty cards, get the replacement of all simply with “MERO DISCOUNT- Smart Card” and experience the ease and luxury it offers.

Discount System in Nepal

MERO DISCOUNT introduces a smart card technology in this country, through which we aim to bring ease and happiness in the life of every Nepalese by providing them discounts on various brands of Country. Not only we are limited to offering discounts on different brands, we also provide our clients life insurance (accidental, disability, disease) and fee waiver for academic institutes through our Discount System.